George Benaur

George Benaur
Practice Area : Business Litigation
43 West 43rd Street, Suite 22 New York NY 10036-7424

Mr. Benaur specializes in serving as general counsel for international businesses, and in domestic and international business litigations, investigations and dispute resolution matters.

Introduction Video of George Benaur

Commercial Litigation Lawyer George Benaur describes his Law Practice of defending companies from lawsuits and suing to recover monetary damages from a business or contractual dispute. Learn about George’s unique Fee Structure of charging Flat Monthly Fees and a Percentage Success Fee.

George Benaur

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When Civil and Criminal Litigation Collide: Understanding the Intersection

In this video, Business Litigation Attorney George Benaur provides valuable insights into the intersection of civil and criminal litigation. He explains how these two types of litigation can intersect, and the implications of such an intersection for individuals and businesses.

With years of experience in the legal field, George Benaur sheds light on the complexities of the legal system and offers practical advice for those facing civil or criminal litigation.

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Key Resources to Consider in International Litigation Cases

In this video, business litigation attorney George Benaur discusses the various resources available in international litigation cases. When dealing with legal disputes that cross borders, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the legal system and legal nuances of the countries involved.

If you’re involved in an international litigation case, this video provides valuable information on the resources available to help you navigate the complex legal landscape. Contact Benaur Law today to learn more about how his team of legal professionals can assist you with your international legal needs.

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Understanding the Standards for a Freezing Order: What You Need to Know

In this video, business litigation attorney George Benaur discusses the standards for obtaining a “freezing order” in legal matters. He also explains the importance of providing full and frank disclosure to the court and the potential consequences of failing to do so.

If you’re involved in a legal dispute where a freezing order may be necessary, it’s essential to understand the standards and requirements involved. This video provides practical advice and tips to help you navigate this complex area of the law.

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