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Selling a Home after Death of a Loved One – Practical and Legal Ramifications

When a loved one dies, the family often has to deal with selling the home. This process can be complicated and fraught with practical and legal ramifications. Real Estate Broker Olga Zakinova and Probate Attorney Irina Yadgarova discuss some of the most important things to know when selling a home after a death, including:

How do you empty a home after a death?
What do you need to sell an inherited house?
How is selling an inherited house different than an occupied house?
How can a Real Estate Broker help with a sale of an inherited house?
What are the costs of selling an inherited home?
How long does it take to sell a house of a death?
Is the sale of an inherited house considered an income?
What documents so you need to sell a parent’s home?

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How to Qualify for Medicaid

rina Yadgarova, Esq. explains what are the assets and income requirements to qualify for a Medicaid together with how an Elder Attorney can help protect your assets while getting Medicaid.

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