What is a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

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Business Litigation Attorney George Benaur explains what is a Commercial Litigation Lawyer.

What is a Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Michael Levitis  00:01

Hello Everybody I have here George Benaur – a business litigation attorney. But I want to ask a very important and commonly asked question, George, I want to ask you, what is a commercial litigation lawyer?

George Benaur  00:19

You know, when you told me it was like one of the common questions that was asked, I was surprised. You know, I never, I never actually looked at a definition of a commercial litigation lawyer. But I think that I can tell you what I have done in the past 17 years, which is try to help business people, whether it’s corporations, or business owners, or individuals resolve their business issues. And those resolutions have come both out of court, and in court. So typically, what that means is that a person has some sort of issue relating to their business, some dispute, they’re owed money, they have a partnership dispute, their trade secret got stolen, they have an employment issue that’s unresolved, they have a compliance issue that’s set for a hearing or is under an administrative subpoena. Right, so we help navigate people through the state and federal laws that impact their business rights. And that navigation can take the form of pre litigation dispute resolution, or just advice to business owners how they can negotiate, for example, which I’ve done, as well as full on litigation in court, where you pursue certain rights or maybe a business got sued and you have to defend yourself. And yeah, so basically, that’s what we do.

Michael Levitis  01:46

Okay, very good. Thank you, George. Appreciate it.


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